How do I donate clothing?

Clothing can be donated Monday thru Friday 9:30 till 6:30, Saturdays 9:30 till 2:00 at our charity office at 482 South Service Road East in the orange boxes at the back of the building. Safetynet can do Oakville community pick-ups for three or more garbage bags of clothing. We strive to do pick-ups within 24 hours, however, we rely on volunteers to do the pick-ups, and work within their schedules.

What type of clothing donations do you take?

Safetynet takes all clothing from infant to adult, business suits, shoes, bedding, and linens. We prefer that clothing be put in garbage bags for donations. Safetynet does not take used toys, books, or household items.

What happens to donated clothing?

Donated clothing is provided free of charge to families that are struggling financially. Clothing with rips, stains, out of date, or that sits on the racks for a long period of time is bulk recycled to support our charity expenses.