• Help us make sure no-one we know goes without this Christmas
  • Donate to our Christmas appeal and help us give to families in need
  • No family should go without Christmas dinner and a few gifts for their children, your donation helps families in need
  • Sponsor a family and buy a Christmas gift now

Clothing Bank

Safetynet carries a variety of clothing to assit the entire family unit.

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Music Lessons

Safetynet Children & Youth Charities offers free one to one music lessons.

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Safetynet believes that assisting children with their educational needs is key.

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Furniture Bank

Used furniture, kitchen supplies and small appliances are offered.


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Kitchen Items

Kitchen supplies and small appliances are provided on request, when available.  Including dishes, glasses and mugs, cutlery, cooking implements and pots and pans, kettle, blender and processor.

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Safetynet helps obtain good condition used bicycles.  Families can benefit from reduced travel costs, and enjoy more mobility with a dose of healthy exercise.

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It's a Pleasure to Serve You

Safetynet provides programming that encourages independence and helps to break the cycle of poverty.

If your family is suffering financial hardship, feel free to contact Safetynet for a needs assessment. A needs assessment is where families are invited to sit down with one of our volunteers to develop a plan to best service the entire family.  We will determine if you require one of Safetynet's programs, or we will refer you to another community partner who can better assist your needs.

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Our family christmas wishlist is open, please comment here or email fundraiser@safetynetservices.ca if you wish to donate.