April 2020

We are delivering furniture to help people move into isolation.  We have a good supply of furniture but we could use dining chairs and tables, tall boy dressers, couches and loveseats.  If you have some donations please email

We are also asking for diapers and sanitary items to keep those programs running.  We would appreciate donations online through our wish list at this link.

For the purpose of protecting our volunteers we do not want your clothing donations at this time.  Please keep your clothing until we receive further information. Any donations received in our orange drop boxes will be recycled to minimize handling.

While this is much needed revenue for our operations, it may upset you if your gently worn items do not prolong their lifetime with further use, however, we feel this is absolutely necessary in safeguarding people.

As part of our network of local charities serving the most vulnerable in our community we will continue to post if we hear any families have dire needs. 

Clothing Bank

Safetynet carries a variety of clothing to assit the entire family unit.

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Music Lessons

Safetynet Children & Youth Charities offers free one to one music lessons.

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Safetynet believes that assisting children with their educational needs is key.

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Furniture Bank

Used furniture, kitchen supplies and small appliances are offered.


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Kitchen Items

Kitchen supplies and small appliances are provided on request, when available.  This includes dishes, glasses and mugs, cutlery, cooking implements and pots and pans, kettles, blenders, and more.

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Safetynet helps obtain bicyles in good used condition.  Families can benefit from reduced travel costs, and enjoy more mobility with a dose of healthy exercise.

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It's a Pleasure to Serve You

Safetynet provides programming that encourages independence and helps to break the cycle of poverty.

If your family is suffering financial hardship, feel free to contact Safetynet for a needs assessment. A needs assessment is where families are invited to sit down with one of our volunteers to develop a plan to best service the entire family.  We will determine if you require one of Safetynet's programs, or we will refer you to another community partner who can better assist your needs.

8 months ago

Meet Lanah, who today, donated her bike. Within 10 minutes the bike was gleefully taken by a new Canadian family, whose 5 year old child walked out of the charity with a grin from ear to ear at the ... See more