Financial Donations

Looking for a great way to support the children and families who depend on Safetynet, and make an impact throughout the year? Consider a one-time or recurring donation.

Clothing Donations

Donate your used clothing and shoes to Safetynet Children & Youth Charities. Clothing that is donated is provided to families free of charge.  We also accept worn and torn clothing for recycling.

Diaper Donations

Please arrange diaper donations during business hours. Alternatively, unopened diaper packages/boxes can be dropped in the clothing dropboxes in the parking lot.

You can also purchase diapers to be delivered to us from our Amazon Wish list.

We can recycle your unwanted fabrics, worn and torn clothing/towels/bedding, and shoes. These are sold by the pound to a recycler, and the funds used to support our programming. To help us out, label donation bags 'recycling' if you are bringing in these items.

Valuable Items

Safetynet does receive and appreciate donations of items that can be resold to the public at large.  The returns from these donations are used to help with expenses.  Only items of sufficient value and sale prospect are accepted.  Please contact Safetynet to qualify and arrange any such donations.  Although we cannot guarantee sale or a price, we can provide a donation in kind certificate if requested, after the items sell.

Donating Furniture

Safetynet accepts donations of used furniture in good condition and distributes it to those in need. We are only able to accept essential items needed by our clients to set up a comfortable and safe home.

Please do not drop off furniture without an appointment.  Make arrangements by sending an email to

Furniture we can accept includes:

  • couches and chairs
  • tables (dining, coffee, bedside)
  • dining chair SETS (not individual)
  • dressers
  • shelving units
  • lamps (table and floor)
  • office chairs
  • bar fridges
  • small desks
  • rugs in clean, 'like new' condition

To arrange for the Furniture Program team to pick up your donation, please email with the following information:

  • Your name, phone, address of the pickup, availability for pickup
  • Photos of all items
  • We will contact you to either arrange a visit or the pickup.

All furniture is provided free to marginalized or displaced families.  In order to help offset the cost of picking up and storing furniture items, we request a fee of $50 for pickups within Oakville or Burlington, $75 in Mississauga, Milton.

We prefer the items are ready and outside the pickup location, or at least very easily accessible on the same floor as the entrance.  This service does not include taking apart or otherwise preparing items - they must be empty and ready to transport - and does not include stairs, or tight spaces for any larger items.  If required, extra time is available for an extra $50 per half hour after the first half hour.

We happily pick up clothing and kitchen items during the furniture pickup.

Higher value items such as couches, table and chairs, microwave, drawers in excellent condition will be provided with a donation in kind receipt upon request.


Acceptance Process

  • All furniture must be accepted by staff either at pick up or drop off.  For pick up, pictures are required, and we may need to visit to examine the items.
  •  Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, side tables also need to be in good shape and qualified before we accept.

Items we Do NOT Accept

We do NOT accept the following items because they are either not essential or in demand, or not a service we cover.  They will be taken to the dump, which costs Safetynet money to transport and dispose of.

  • ​Items that need cleaning or repair
  • Beds, bed frames, headboards, mattresses and box springs; we sell new ones at a discount for hygiene reasons
  • Cribs or car seats
  • Decorative items such as art work, glass decorations
  • Large appliances such as fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, air conditioners
  • Tube TVs, stereos and other household electronics
  • Computers that are older than six years
  • Hutches and china cabinets
  • Decorative items like vases, Christmas decorations.  We do accept good quality artwork for resale to a store.
  • Candles
  • Books of any kind
  • Toys
  • Items with missing hardware - lampshades, screws etc
  • Fixtures and major appliances, wall or track lighting, ceiling fans
  • Fold up chairs and tables

Donate Kitchen and Household Items

  • Small kitchen appliances are accepted if they are in good working order and all parts are present.
  • Household Items: Dish sets, useful important items like mixing bowls, pots and pans, cutlery sets are accepted but not if they are broken, incomplete to the point of not being a useful set.
  • Working flat screen TV models with no visual issues on the screen.  No tube TVs.
  • ​Working laptops and computers / monitors / mouse and keyboard / speakers / microphone are accepted, provided they function well and are reasonably new (about six years)
  • We accept working vacuum cleaners that are in good condition.

Please do not drop off items at our clothing donation boxes.  Meet a representative in person during business hours 9:30 to 1:00 Monday to Friday.  Alternately, kitchen and clothing items can be included with a furniture pick up.

We are unable to issue receipts for donation in kind for kitchen items.

Kitchen Items we Do NOT Accept

Please do not drop the following items.  They will be taken to the dump, which costs Safetynet money to transport and dispose of.

  • Any decorative or non essential item
  • Candles
  • Christmas and seasonal decorations
  • Damaged or worn items
  • Incomplete sets of dishes or cutlery
  • unsorted boxes of cutlery and kitchen tools
  • Appliances that are missing attachments, cracked, or do not work well, reliably
  • books, recipe cards or boxes

Donate Linens

  • We accept comforters, blankets, and sheets in clean, like-new condition. They must be brought into the charity during operating hours (not put in bins outside)
  • If you have linens in used condition we will accept them for recyling.

Donate Bicycles*

  • We accept bikes, if they only require moderate work to fix, i.e. two or three small issues (ex: flat or worn out tire, rusty chain, broken brake cable, broken seat, slightly bent tire, worn brake pads)
  • Scooters and glider learning bikes are always in demand
  • Bike locks and tire pumps are also in strong demand
  • Please bring the bicycles into the facility during our operating hours (click here for details)
  • NOTE - as of Spring 2021, we are accepting only adult size bicycles at this time.

We are unable to provide donation in kind receipts for bicycles.

*Bicycle donations are seasonal - spring to September.