Need help?

Safetynet can assist you with good quality used furniture  free of charge to those in need.

Available items include:

  • couches, tables (dining, coffee, bedside), chairs, drawers, mirrors, desks, bookshelves
  • lamps
  • vacuum cleaners
  • new beds and frames

*No cribs or car seats can be supplied by Safetynet as it is not insured to do this.  However, we may be able to provide a contact for some individuals who do.

Furniture is provided free, and there is a delivery charge depending on size and distance. If you live in Halton, contact your OW or ODSP case worker, or call 311 to ask for furniture assistance.

Fees (for deliveries in Halton, to the curb)

  • $200-$300 (depending on number of items)
  • If you need the items delivered inside an apartment or downstairs in a house, add $50.
  • If you order only beds/mattresses, the delivery charge is $50.
  • Mississauga, Hamilton add $50 for extra distance.
  • Brampton, Etobicoke add $100 for extra distance.

Bed Information

Beds are sold separately.  Full beds include mattress, box-spring, and legs, which forms a standalone unit; without a frame or headboard.

Bed pricing is as follows:

Full set (foam mattress, boxspring, legs)

  • $210 single,
  • $260 extra long single,
  • $325 double,
  • $375 queen (we also offer a split queen box for small entrances, at $330 for the whole bed).

Foam mattress only

  • $175 single,
  • $200 extra long single,
  • $250 double,
  • $275 queen

Box-spring only

  • $50 single,
  • $80 double,
  • $90 queen

Bedframe (one size fits all)

  • $100

Bunkbed (includes mattresses). Top single, bottom single or double.

  • $750 (single/single)
  • $790 (single/double)

Bedbug/sanitary covers are available where it is deemed necessary for $27, $30, $32 respectively.

Next Steps

Once the method of payment is determined, you can go to this link to see what we currently have in stock.  Email us at with the following to arrange delivery within one or two weeks:

  • Name, address, phone number, method of payment, social worker contact if you are not paying yourself, serial numbers from the link above, whether the delivery is to the curb or inside, days/times we can deliver (during the work week) and any other notes.

Extra costs if we deliver inside the home: add $50 to the delivery cost above (not to cost of purchased items like beds below).  We do not deliver heavy items up and down stairs if it proves narrow or difficult.

You must be referred to Safetynet by any organization, or visit and become a client directly (providing proof of income or recent asylum), to be approved for delivery.