Clothing Bank

Safetynet carries a variety of clothing to assit the entire family unit.

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Music Lessons

Safetynet Children & Youth Charities offers free one to one music lessons.

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Safetynet believes that assisting children with their educational needs is key.

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It's a pleasure to serve you

Safetynet provides programming that encourages independence and helps to break the cycle of poverty.

If your family is suffering financial hardship, feel free to contact Safetynet for a needs assessment. A needs assessment is where families are invited to sit down with one of our volunteers to develop a plan to best service the entire family.  We will determine if you require one of Safetynet's programs, or we will refer you to another community partner who can better assist your needs.

Need help?

Please contact us to schedule an appointment and help us to help you...

4 days ago
Fun Pass

the link to the Ontario Summer Fun Pass. Each museum/centre have their own expiration date but generally the pass does not expire until September/October. Parents need to click on the link and then ... See more

Learning doesn’t stop just because school ends. This summer, help your kids to keep discovering — and have fun while they do it!